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Become a better version of yourself, reach new limits and break down old patterns that no longer serve you.

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25.4. - 28.4.

April 2024

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What does the Wolfpack Expedition look like?

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The Wolfpack Expedition offers you a large amount of modalities that will help you to awaken the potential that lies hidden within you. Under supervision of experienced guides we will explore the power of cold exposure, breath work and yoga.

The beautiful surroundings will reconnect you to nature and help you to experience a powerful sense of presence.

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Very first...

Wolfpack Expedition 2022

...where it all began.

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What will we do?

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➜ Exposure to cold

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➜ Power breathing

➜ Pilates

➜ Yoga



Mountain Hike
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Hiking to the mountains

Swimming in the lake

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➜ Animations

➜ Dance

➜ Good music

➜ Evening parties

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Step out of your comfort zone and you'll do what you've been wanting to do for a long time. It will definitely raise your awareness, body, breath and mind power.

Awareness is the most effective factor of change.

The secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness can be conveyed in three words: One with life.

To be one with life is to be one with the present moment.

Then you realize that you don't live your life, but life lives in you.

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051 302 206

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You will receive all information about

the expedition on you e-mail.

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25.4. - 28.4.

April 2024

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Wolfpack expedition

Team buildings and much more...

Transform your workplace into a powerhouse of creativity and productivity!

Experience the magic of enhanced well-being, stronger immunity, and thriving relationships among your team. Our approach not only boosts smiles but sparks innovation, ensuring every member reaches their full creative potential.

Join us in creating a workspace where health, camaraderie, and productivity converge for an extraordinary employee experience.

Elevate your team to new heights of success!

Sodelujemo z:

dr. Aleksander Šinigoj,

dr. Tanja Pia Metelko,

Boris Vene...

Choose the Business option and we will contact you about further steps.

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‘’ Good morning Jernej, in one word, fantastic, everyone is excited, I am personally very positively surprised and at the same time proud that everyone did the ice dive... An unforgettable experience, I hope that it awakened some hidden strengths and self-confidence in most of them, which now they didn't recognize it in themselves.. In short, sincere thanks once again, you carry out the experience professionally and with an exceptional feeling for people, you establish the will and trust in people to follow you, really great. I wish you a nice holiday and I hope we do something similar again. ‘'

Nevron d.o.o

CEO Rok Kokalj


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I was in WHM Poland expedition, learned from WHM instructors, but i found my own method, because we are all different individuals and need to listen to ourselves.

I represent Everyday Superhuman. I would like to write I represent, but honestly it is trying my best, because i am still human and I make silly things sometimes, it is a proces, but it is going just fine, the best.

But don't you worry, I will bring you up and down from the mountain, all back safely and in one piece, no one will be left behind. My mission is to bring happiness and joy back into everyday life.

I am certified personal trainer, martial arts trainer, instructor of yoga and pilates, budokon practitioner, businessman, father and a human being.

Jernej Babij

Team Leader | Founder of Everyday Superhuman

I have been training all my life, mostly martial arts, competed in boxing, Muay thai and Arnis. Because of that I was struggling with injuries a lot, always forcing and not giving up, just doing more and more and more; for me nothing was never enough. Then burnout and depression came, I was completely down, lost

and seeking for all the reasons why to be in this world… I saw everything grey and dark, and there was no sign of light… I went to doctors, therapists, used traditional medicine… but nothing helped; they just drugged me, i was just a number for them…

But what did help me, was Nature.

All the time I felt like nature is waking me up, making my mind calm… So I just went into the nature, into the cold rivers and lakes, waterfalls… Sometimes I was pretending to be an animal (animals are awake, in the present moment, unlike people, who are “sleeping”…), then I started to become better, I started to feel

again and then I knew connection with nature and cold should be my regular practise, my way of life. So from day to day, month by month, of regular daily practise, I became stronger, more focused, calm in my mind and everything became much more easy. Now I put smile on my face and take this feeling into my

everyday life. I am helping people to go into the nature, into the cold, I help them letting go of all their judgments and predictions and to connect with their real inner nature. And I see smiles on their faces, and we walk together (in shorts), we go into the cold water together… and I feel alive, I feel so much warmth, gratefulness and

humbleness towards nature.

Respect to all of you, who are joining me on this adventure.

Together we will disconnect and then back connect. And we will become everyday superhumans. Everyday superhuman is for everybody, but becoming Wolfpack member is a decision made from you, to come to expedition and experience something big. It is a beginning of inner journey to….

With love and balance

Jernej Babij

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Team member

David Hriberski


I am an entrepreneur, the author of the book Your story is bigger than you think and the handbook titled 5 O'Clock Club (the original title in the Slovene language: Klub 5. ure). I am also a coach, speaker and lecturer.

I lectured at various sales seminars, and workshops for personal growth and the development of human potential. I also accepted the challenge and shared my story at TEDx - Slovenia, where there were over 7,000 participants.

Above all, I love life and believe that life is always happening for us even when various challenges arise because these gifts take our lives to new heights. I love nature and mountains and am an eternal learner who is always ready for new challenges.

I strongly believe in personal growth, in seminars and books, but on the other hand, I also strongly believe in taking action. In the real world, nothing happens without action. We can have a lot of knowledge, information, and talents, but nothing happens, if we don't take action. Nothing.

We must always be in motion and move like water that always finds a way.

Work on yourself and action go hand in hand. If the distance between them is too big, we will not reach the destination. Neither one nor the other is more or less important.


David Hriberski

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Team member

Jelmar Schotanus

Expedition Guide

My name is Jelmar, but my friends know me as Hjalmar. For a large part of my life I used to struggle with chronic health conditions like depression and fibromyalgia.

The mainstream medical system didn’t offer me any solutions and told me I had to deal with these conditions for the rest of my life. life.

I refused to accept this and start searching for alternative therapies. That’s how I first got in touch with cold exposure.

The first time I tried it I felt such a relief in mood and pain that I was immediately hooked.

I continued to experiment with cold exposure and found mentors that taught

me how to heal myself using holistic principles.

Now I have arrived at a point where I want to share the insights I have received over 10 years of practice and mentoring. I host workshops and coach clients 1-1 to help them experience strength and health. I made it my mission to become a beacon for those who are lost in the dark and help others to become the same.

This is why I’m beyond excited to be joining the Wolfpack Expedition as a guide. I have been trained by multiple Wim Hof instructors, have a degree in applied psychology and I’m a Chek Holistic lifestyle coach. As I had the privilege to witness powerful transformations when I participated in expeditions myself, I can’t wait to help you achieve the same.

Love and strength, Hjalmar Schotanus

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Team member

Tjaša Krajnc is the owner of Dance studio S, where she has been teaching salsa, bachata, reggaeton and ladies style for more than 15 years.

Dance is her medicine she says, which helps her in her everyday life, especially when it comes to business. Being a part of a big family company requires a lot of effort and balance to manage all the action and stress. Because of that she started to encourage through dance especially women; how to deal with all of the stress, how to behave and function in today's patriarch system, how to engage to modernism and to stereotypes and how to express their womanity and inner power.

Tjaša Krajnc

Plesni studio S Dance

As a part of her dance program she does private classes for couples, such as wedding dances or even in a way of a couple therapie which connects them again. She is also organising different cultural events such as salsa and bachata evenings, where people come together, share their dancing energy and connect with something they all share love for.

»My monkey mind still messes with my head, so I need to work on that every day and every single day is a new challenge how to handle the obstacles that life gives me. Joining the Wolfpack expedition gave me a mechanism which enables me to stop my thinking and to sometimes not lose my mind in all this thoughts hurricane. Do you overthink yourself?! Try cold water...«

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Team member


Leonela Djakovic

Gongs and Himalayan bowls

(sound therapy and accompaniment)

All my life I've been searching for something, I didn't even know what...

And I've been searching in all the wrong places...

While all a long it was within me, words can barley express what moved inside me...

Thank you dear souls for reminding me that HOME is within me... For now I know what my mission is!


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Team member


Urška Koštrun

Graphic designer

I am a graphic designer who creates various amazing projects in the digital world as Wolfpack Expedition.

Although I consider myself more of a tropical person who belongs under the palm trees, I believe that people need to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Embracing the cold personally gave me the strength to 'not be afraid' of feeling cold anymore.

Fear is the motivator of many negative emotions and much more... Having power over yourself and your body is a really great feeling. And bathing in cold water forces you to be aware of the moment and yourself, stops your head from overthinking and builds your courage.

I think it's not so much in the cold as that we push ourselves into a state of shock and thereby interrupt all the processes that we are not even aware of, that destroy or occupy a large capacity of our life and, consequently, the creation of the future and ourselves.

We probably all know how we feel after a day full of activity, working with dissatisfied and negative people, of whom there is no shortage. It is very difficult for us to relax and take a break from thinking about 1001 things. For all of us who are building our lives on a higher frequency and working our way through every possible level of our lives in a system where this is not welcome.

Take power over your life, stop playing the victim, jump into the icy world of transformation.

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Primož Muhovič

Participant and personal trainer

As a lifelong athlete, I'm used to discovering the capabilities of my mind and body through extremes. Strenuous training has been replaced over the years by more relaxed techniques, exposure to the cold, meditation...

And this is exactly what the wolfpack expedition is. Well, all that, and much more. A wonderful experience that gives you enough material to think about long after you are safely home in the shelter of your warm home. Thanks to the team for a wonderful experience.

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Mitja Lorenčič


Cathartic, out of the box, and a bit cold at times.

I had the chance to witness first hand how such an experience can change people.

It will challenge you, but in a controlled manner.

For the open minded and those who are willing to be proved otherwise.

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Sergej Glažar


Ta izkušnja v Kranjski Gori mi je bila zares nepozabna,

saj me je spodbudila k temu, da sem začel razmišljati

o svojem življenju na nov način in mi pomagala

najti navdih in smisel.

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Nuša Rojs

Participant & Musician

Written on November 26, 2022

in Kranjska Gora, where I took part

in the Wolfpack expedition & dance & music

and reconnected with nature and myself.

Brez dvoma in strahu, hodim po temi.

Vem, da prav vedno, ti si ob meni.

Ne govoriš z jezikom, tvoj dotik se drugačen zdi.

Vseeno te čutim, ko odmislim vse stvari.

Vse zvoke in barve, ki jih s tabo delim,

občutim, zasijem, lažje živim.

Čez belo, ledeno med zeleno drviš,

prisluhnem ti vedno, ko spregovoriš.

Nihče ne ve, kako zelo te občudujem,

v težkih trenutkih se po tebi zgledujem.

Čeprav si v vsakem, te vsak ne pozna,

le človek, ki prisluhne glasu srca.

Nikoli ni prepozno za delo na sebi.

Zaupaj intuiciji in se veseli.

Nuša Rojs - Hvala ti duša.

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Zvezdana Murko


Pa sem se odločila kot bi ustrelil iz topa, da grem na ledeni potop. Lokacija je prevagala - Bohinj. Sama sem že poskusila ta izziv in mi je bila dobra izkušnja, vodeno pa še nikoli. In sem brez razmišljanja šla.

Priprave smo imeli v prelepem hotelu, kjer je bilo veliko designa iz lesa. Meni na kožo pisano. Dihalne vaje, gongi, predavanje o podzavesti, zavesti, mislih, povezovanje in premagovanje samega sebe... Vsak na svoj način.

In končno se je zaslišal stavek; " preoblecite se v kopalke". Takrat pa se je začela igra z umom.

Trest sem se začela, verjetno ravno zaradi že poznanega. Nekako sem se tolažila s tem, da je zunaj prijetnih, napovedanih 15 stopinj, a ko smo se zbrali pred hotelom za odhod do jezera , zunaj ni bilo sonca. Nasprotno.

Veter se je poigraval z listjem, ki so se vrteli v vrtincu. Pihalo je kot za stavo. In v meni se je začela bitka z mislimi. Eno je ledena voda, drugo pa je mrzel veter. Upala sem, da bom zaslišala stavek; " odpovedali bomo zaradi vetra", pa se to ni zgodilo. Zbrcala sem se v rit in preusmerila misli. Prosila sem vodstvo za podporo in si dopovedovala da nisem prišla v Bohinj le meditirat in opazovati čudovito naravo.

Presenečena sem bila nad reakcijo svojega telesa medtem, ko sem opazovala veter in valovito jezero.

Naenkrat smo stali v kopalkah pred jezerom. Ni bilo več poti nazaj. Hladna voda nas je vabila. Občutka, medtem ko hodiš v vodo se ne da opisati, moraš ga doživeti. Čutiš hlad a vseeno greš. In smo se potopili do vratu..., vauuu kakšna izkušnja in občutek, ko premagaš samega sebe. Nekdo bi se vprašal:" Zakaj?" Jaz lahko le odgovorim: "Zakaj pa ne?"

Zanimivo mi je bilo to, da me po prihodu iz vode sploh ni več zeblo, v bistvu sem čutila toploto po celem telesu, ki je prihajala iz stopal.

Celoten proces bi lahko opisala najbolj z eno besedo - svoboda.

Če ne poskusiš, neveš.

Connect your body and mind.

Activate your true potential.

In safe and loving environment.

Wolfpack Expedition 2022

What did we do? Find out!

Be a part of an amazing experience.

Wolfpack Expedition 2023

Getting better and better!

Be a part of an amazing experience.

What does the expedition look like in brief?

Take a look!

Make it memorable!

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